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Self-service experiences

Hear about strategies and frameworks for creating self-service experiences from CX leaders in our panel event.

Nasik Lababan, Unsplash

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and the impact of a good customer experience is significant - not to mention the cost of a bad one.

It’s not surprising, then, to see more and more brands implementing self-service solutions and technologies to transform their CX, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction and retention. In fact, research from Microsoft shows that 86% of customers now expect a self-service option when resolving issues.

However, there’s more to self-service CX than just creating a knowledge base or rolling out a chatbot. To truly deliver for customers, brands need to deploy self-service as an integral part of an omni-channel experience.

In this online panel event, we chat to CX specialists about digital deflection, the role of new tech such as AI and automation, and some of the challenges they’ve faced on their self-serve journey.

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