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Data for product teams

Hear how product leaders from Ometria, Songkick, TSB ans Oak North are using data to supercharge their product teams.

Data and insight are an essential fuel for product teams to drive innovation.

Making sense of the numbers to uncover patterns and trends is vital. Doing so reliably, at speed, to meet the pressures of an ever changing global marketplace can be incredibly challenging.

When you need to make informed decisions, it can be difficult to work out whether you’re data driven, or data led. In this online event, we are joined by product leaders to discuss how product teams can use processes, tools and technology to validate assumptions and drive rapid innovation.

C-suite torchbearers have excelled in fusing their data strategy to their business strategy, with trust as the plumb line. Operating in a data-rich culture, they generate higher revenue growth and profitability than their peers.

IBM, 20th Global C-Suite Study

Join us for talks and panel discussion on what it takes to uncover insights and drive value from data, without sacrificing speed.

This event will be especially relevant for people who:

  • Need to validate and build confidence in a product roadmap from the wider business
  • Need to place educated bets and make informed decisions on product development at speed
  • Want to develop an insight-driven culture across their organisation


// Introduction

// Osaseri Guobadia, Product Director at Songkick

Telling better stories with data

(Bonus: and why I think product people should always have a crack at the data)

I’m going to talk about how to start sharing data in a way that uses pathos, logos and ethos (appeals to emotion, logic and authority), considered to be the key elements of all great speeches. I’ll also touch on which audiences these different tactics usually work on, and how to make sure your PMs have the data literacy to make it work.

// Yenny Otero, Head of Design at TSB

Four steps and a cheatsheet to making successful products

In this presentation I will introduce four simple steps and a cheatsheet for using strategic design thinking in your business. This will help you create successful products (and services) that focus on users and business needs, and make an MVP that helps you iterate on ideas and succeed (or fail) faster.

// Panel Q&A

// Marcus Hickman, Senior Product Manager at Ometria

Customer interviews at pace

I’m going to talk about interviewing customers at pace. We’ll cover how customer interviews are a key data source for product decision making, how to run interviews in order to create actionable data, and how you can ensure fast data collection by automating the recruitment process

// Sean Hunter, CIO at OakNorth

How leveraging AI and machine learning can be used to enhance humans, not replace them

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of articles have been published about the inevitability of machines one day replacing humans. Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and thinkers from Bill Gates to Elon Musk have predicted that artificial intelligence will “make jobs irrelevant”. While there are many industries that could benefit greatly from increased, or indeed, full automation, here I’ll talk about industries where success lies in leveraging artificial intelligence to minimise time, effort and risk at the back-end, leading to more opportunities to delight customers and forge genuine relationships at the front-end.

// Panel Q&A

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