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Product content strategy

Join content specialists from IBM, BT and Nationwide to hear how they are supercharging their product teams with content strategy and design.

Every product team knows that building the thing is just the start.

The most competitive teams know that content is the secret weapon that can make or break your product.

A strong content strategy can transform not only the way people use your product, but the way they feel about it. And yet, it’s still rare to see content strategists and copywriters in product teams, and fewer still have a defined and documented content strategy.

"Content is perceived as something that can be slapped onto a design at the end of the product development process. But in the best companies, content is the design process, not an afterthought. A product that has invested heavily in integrating content into the overall experience oozes quality. You can feel it."

Richard Holmes, Department of Product

In this exclusive online event, we look into the role of content in your product strategy and how it can catalyse growth. Watch the replay on-demand for a morning of talks and panel discussion with product leaders, covering topics such as:

  • The difference between marketing content strategy and product content strategy
  • How content design can supercharge product teams
  • Why your next hire should be a content strategist
  • The impact content can have on your product experience

Watch on-demand


  • Introduction
  • Rachel McConnell, Content Ops Manager at BT. Ever wondered what the difference is between marketing content strategists, content designers and UX writers? In this talk you’ll learn about product content – what it is, why you need experts, the value they bring, and how they fit into the product design process. You’ll hear how the most mature product design teams work with content designers, and you’ll find out how to improve the impact of your own design teams with the right content skills.
  • Candi Williams, Content Strategist & Design Manager at Nationwide. If you Google content strategy, you’ll get a million (literally) different answers. And while there’s no one size fits all, there are some fundamentals. A good place to start is looking at what content strategy isn’t. So, through the lens of my work as Content Strategist at the world’s biggest building society, I’ll shine a light on some myths, mishaps and misconceptions about content strategy laced with some tips and tricks to help you on your content strategy journey.
  • Tom Waterton, Content Design Lead at IBM. Tom will share a fun exercise that he ran to help product teams at IBM appreciate just what a huge impact the voice and tone of a product has on the overall user experience.
  • Panel Q&A

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