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The future of customer loyalty | Roundtable

Join us on 24 April at 9am as we sit down with marketing and product leaders for a roundtable session about how you can leverage your share of the multi-billion dollar loyalty market.

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Consumers are constantly bombarded with choices, so loyalty has become a holy grail for businesses. 

A poll by Exploding Topics found that 88% of consumers say it takes them three or more purchases to build brand loyalty. And when it comes to digital products, the game is even tougher.

In the same poll, they found that the loyalty market is worth $4.43 billion. But these days, having a loyalty programme is not enough. With the recent economic changes and people being more considerate with their money, even if a business has a great product, loyalty is not a given. 

So, how can you successfully keep customers coming back to your business and create a brand with purpose and loyalty at its core?

Join us in April as we sit down with other marketing and product leaders at our roundtable for a share-and-discuss session about how you can leverage your share of the multi-billion dollar loyalty market. 

 Event details

📅 Date | Wednesday 24 April

🚪 Doors | 8:30am

🤝 Roundtable & Networking | 9 - 10:30am

📍 Location | Soho, London

What you'll learn

  • How to build genuine connections with customers that go beyond transactions, building a deeper emotional bond and advocacy for your brand.
  • How to craft a rewarding product experience that creates brand evangelists. 
  • How to use data to extract the correct information and deliver hyper-personalised experiences that feel tailored for each user.
  • How to use gamification to transform your digital offerings into reward based experiences that keep your consumers returning for more.

This roundtable discussion is designed to be collaborative, allowing you to network with like-minded senior professionals, share your triumphs and struggles, and gain invaluable insights that will elevate your customer loyalty game. This roundtable is tailored to Head's Of, Directors and VP's working in marketing or product that want to level up their customer loyalty experience.

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