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Byte Breakfast

The power of product vision

We chat to product leaders about defining and validating a powerful product vision.

Razvan Mirel, Unsplash

Product vision is the glue that binds a product team together. A strong vision should inspire and motivate, helping the team to make the right decisions for the product, for the business, and for users.

So, how do you start to define and validate your product vision? How do you make sure it continually serves its purpose, growing with the team and the product? And how do you communicate it to the wider business so everyone is aligned?

In this online panel event, we’ll be chatting with product leaders from Purple and about the power of product vision, how they approach vision setting in their organisations, and any lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Whether you already have an established product vision, are starting to define a new one, or want to understand how others are approaching it, join us live from 10am on Thursday 23 March to talk through the characteristics, pitfalls and opportunities.

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Meet the panel

Omar H. Sallam, Senior Product Manager at

Omar Sallam is a Senior Product Manager at, with over a decade of notable experience building great tech products around the world. He is currently working on geolocation Intelligence for the digital travel company. Omar has also lent his talents to others as a Product Management Mentor to aspiring product people and as a Speaker at New Giza University, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, and Product School. Omar has always been extremely dedicated to his craft, giving close attention to every project that passes him by. He brings great insights, curiosity, and strong opinions to his team and is always open to hearing new ideas and learning from those around him.

Holly Donohue, Chief Product Officer at Purple

Holly Donohue is Chief Product Officer at Purple, embracing her passion for building products and developing teams.  Holly leads multi-disciplinary digital teams to create world-class products. She has worked across diverse industries building product strategies, teams and processes to deliver commercial and customer value. Holly uses her rebellious spirit and thirst for learning and knowledge sharing for good, transforming ways of working and maturing product, design and engineering teams based on a foundation of collaboration and continuous improvement. As a co-organiser of ProductTank Manchester, she believes in the importance of giving a voice to the product community and the opportunity for knowledge sharing and is a regular speaker at conferences and events.

Hosted by

Anita Leslie, Head of Product at 383

Anita Leslie is Head of Product at 383, with 20 years experience in digital product management leading cross-functional product teams to create great outcomes. She works with teams and businesses to understand the vision and make decisions led by data and first-hand knowledge of customer problems, in addition ensuring it is clear what value is being provided to the customer to drive commercial growth. Anita has experience in all areas of product management and throughout the product lifecycle, from new product development and product market-fit, to product growth and product sunsetting, in B2B SaaS and mobile.

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