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Using AI to Personalise your User Journey

Join us on Wednesday 26 June, as we bring together product and marketing leaders to learn how to unlock the full value of your data assets and implement AI to personalise your user journey.

As the world becomes more quantifiable and measurable by the day, leaders must adapt their mindsets and strategies. The companies that will thrive are those that embrace a truly data-driven approach and embed AI into their user research and product discovery.

We all know that user research is key to moving your business forward. You must understand your users in as much detail as possible, know their pain points and problems - but more importantly, how you can solve them.

User research can be time-consuming, but if you harness and embed AI into your process, what usually takes days or weeks can be prioritised and grouped in minutes. This gives you a competitive advantage as you use the data and audience research to inform product and business strategy. 

So, are data-driven insights the fuel powering your strategy and decision-making? 

If it isn’t, you’re not alone. 

And you definitely will want to attend our upcoming event, Data-Driven Research, in collaboration with Productboard.

Event details

📅 Date | Wednesday 26 June
🎤 Panel and Q&A | 2:30pm
🤝 Networking | 4pm
📍 Location | The Loading Bay, London, EC2A 4DS

What you’ll learn:

  • How to build a culture of data literacy across your organisation and teams.
  • How to embed AI into your audience research and  translate raw data into clear, actionable insights.
  • Identify the metrics that matter the most with your discovery - driving operational efficiency and a clear product vision.
  • Using data storytelling to gain stakeholder buy-in and present them with fact-based insights, ensuring alignment and eliminating ambiguity.

Who should join us? 

This collaborative event is designed to help you learn, question and network with others on-site.. The aim is to give you tangible takeaways that you can take back to your day-to-day work to help implement a data-driven strategy in your business.

The event is tailored to Seniors, Heads of, Directors and VPs working in marketing or product.

But we welcome everyone to register who is a key stakeholder in driving data-driven insights for business strategy. 

Save your spot below!

Karl is Head of Design at 383 and is a specialist in human-centred-design and strategic practice, with over 20 years of experience in UX, innovation, product development methodologies, design psychology and leadership.His focus is in creating human-centred experiences through strategic planning and creative thinking, considering the impact and effect UX and design has on people and their needs.

Ashton is the Head of Design & Research at Vodafone an is an award-winning designer and leader. He presently oversees a multi-geographical Design Strategy function, which entails the development of new products and services, creative direction, design systems, and UX intelligence for Vodafone’s Commercial Product & Services division.

Tesh Patel leads global Sales Engineering at Productboard and his team prescribe solutions to help customers across all industries to solve their business challenges and make products that matter, together. At the event, Tesh will be the host of the panel discussion and ensure that we delve into the world of product and AI and get the important questions answered.

Felix is an expert in Digital Marketing and Product Management with experience enhancing business growth across multiple industries. His skills span SEO, UX, and analytics. A respected leader, he manages a diverse international team, as Director of Inbound Marketing & Organic Growth at HomeToGo scaling Organic User Acquisition and Growth for 100+ domains in 25+ markets globally through various channels.

Productboard is a customer-centric product management platform that helps organizations get the right products to market, faster. Over 6,000 companies, including Microsoft, Zoom, 1-800-Contacts, and UiPath, use Productboard to understand what users need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around their roadmap.

Embark on a journey with Shootsta. Passionate about unlocking the power of video for businesses, their mission is to provide stunning, shareable, and easily accessible video content. Video is the heartbeat of audience engagement, employee training, and product launches. It’s a constant demand, and with Shootsta, you’re in complete control.

Make sure you say hello to our partners on-site! As without their generous support, these events wouldn't happen. They'll also have some goodies to be giving away.

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