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Designing an accessible, futureproof mobile user experience for a fast-growing fintech platform

Seamless and secure

Callsign is a fast-growing fintech providing identity fraud and authorization solutions to some of the world’s largest companies. Their intelligence-driven authentication platform combines deep insights with personalized and contextual customer journeys, allowing users to get on with their digital lives in a seamless, secure environment. Callsign approached 383 after recognising that the UX and UI of their white-label mobile application needed reimagining.

Time for a refresh

Whilst their application was highly functional, Callsign realised that the mobile experience wasn’t always as user-friendly as it could be. Following an internal review and an audit from RNIB, Callsign wanted support in redefining their mobile design system, reviewing the end-to-end user journey to prototype an accessible user experience that would both live up to their brand vision and meet the high expectations of their clients.

Improving the experience for Callsign.

Mapping the journey

To kick off the project, we worked closely with Callsign to identify the key user journeys, technical challenges and experiences to be considered. That involved documenting the ‘happy’ and ‘unhappy’ paths and annotating all existing screens, taking into account the accessibility recommendations made by RNIB. With the benefit of an external lens, we were able to reimagine the app by focusing on the user and their goals first, technology and features second.

Kicking off the project and mapping the journey.

Redesigning the app

This is where the fun really began - creating a new, scalable mobile design system and component library for Callsign across iOS and Android. As well as templates and layouts for refreshed screens and components, we created supporting documentation on use cases and scenarios to inform future developments and iterations. The refresh was guided by a set of design principles to make sure the product stays true to its original intentions and maintains a consistency of experience as it grows.

Redesigning the Callsign app.

What a great agency to work with. Honest, transparent, and super high-quality work. Their expertise across multiple domains shines through especially in detail product design discussions.

Bhavesh Vaghela
VP Global Product Growth
Job Done

Meet the Callsign app

In four months, we created a library of 250 components and produced over 350 screens across the user experience. A clickable prototype showcased the UX and UI system, giving the Callsign team a clear vision of how the design system and principles could be brought to life. In addition, all designs were validated with RNIB, ensuring an accessible and inclusive experience for users.

The final app redesign for Callsign.

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