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Imagining, defining and validating a new service proposition in 12 weeks

Out of the ordinary

InMotion is a technology and innovation team within Jaguar Land Rover, responsible for exploring propositions and business models outside of traditional automotive revenue streams. They invest in startups and investigate service lines to try and address the massive changes in technology and consumer behaviour facing the automotive industry. Jaguar Land Rover came to 383 with and initial idea, based on research into common pain points for online shoppers. What if they could play a role in solving issues for customers by using the technology found in their vehicles to accept deliveries directly to their boots?

In the fast lane

Jaguar Land Rover knew they weren't the only OEM thinking about this proposition, and so they needed to be the first to market. That meant challenging assumptions, investigating solutions, and validating the service - at speed. 383 worked with the InMotion team on a 12 week friction mapping and ideation process to create a service design blueprint that mapped out how the proposition could work in real life. This involved reviewing the whole customer journey, from basket to boot, identifying the key points of friction, and then testing solutions.

The 383 team in action.

Testing the concept

To test each different scenario, 383 developed a concept with an online supplier, creating 50 test accounts where a vehicle could be selected as a delivery option. Each account would test a different hypothesis, with user surveys and feedback helping to validate and refine each friction point. We helped to accelerate the ideation process, challenge assumptions, and validate the solution, all in the space of three months.

Ordering from the ToBoot app.
A parcel being delivered.
A shot of the mobile app.Notification settings.
Job Done

Meet ToBoot

The end results was ToBoot - a delivery service that helped car owners receive and return parcels by placing them in the boot of the car. We created a vision video to showcase how the concept could work, which Jaguar Land Rover used to secure funding. Through this process, 383 were able to develop a protocol which could potentially be applicable not just for deliveries, but for other services requiring access to a customer’s vehicle, such as repairs. The service would also be brand agnostic, working for most modern cars and many different logistics suppliers. In fact, you might recognise this concept in recent offerings from Amazon, Volkswagen, DHL, Smart and Skoda. Great minds, and all that...!

The ToBoot app final design.

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