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Aligning innovation

Hear about strategies, techniques and frameworks for aligning innovation and digital product strategy, from innovation leaders at Bauer Media, Nationwide and GoCompare.

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62% of tech leaders fear they’re at risk of being displaced by competitors who innovate more quickly.

To harness innovation effectively, digital leaders must make sure it aligns with their business objectives and product vision. The challenge is doing so at speed – especially when you also need to manage business-as-usual.

In this exclusive online event, we’ll look at strategies, techniques and frameworks for aligning innovation and strategy in digital product. Join us from 9am on Wednesday 19 May for a morning of talks and panel discussion with innovation leaders from Bauer Media and GoCompare, with more to be announced.

Our speakers & panellists

Kathryn Molloy, Head of Innovation at Bauer Media Group

Kathryn will share her top tips for setting up and running innovation functions within large corporates and share her perspective on helping large companies and startups work more closely together, taking learnings from her role as Head of Innovation at Digital Catapult, the UK’s leading advanced Innovation centre specialising in the adoption of advanced digital technology.

Dr Phil Gosset, Head of Innovation at Nationwide Building Society

Phil has spent the last 25 years working in grounded and socio-technical innovation in the fields of finance, telecoms and computing with companies like Microsoft Research and Vodafone. He is currently leading the Nationwide Incubator focussed on helping solve the challenges faced by people living in financial difficulty, and which is built upon the same grounded innovation approach as the previous Open Bank for Good programme.

Lily Smith, Product Leader and Head of Innovation at GoCompare

Lily joins us for our panel Q&A session to share her experiences creating and establishing innovation teams.

Hosted by Leon Barrett, Product Director at 383

Leon has shaped award-winning digital products, platforms and experiences across a wide range of sectors. With a background in development, Leon has direct experience and a strong appreciation for the various skillsets that are required to build and launch a product, and won’t shy away from asking the difficult (or sometimes obvious) questions to help our clients to grow ideas from concept to reality.

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