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Powerful product teams

Hear how product leaders at Wealth Wizards, Trustpilot and GatherContent are building successful product teams

Building powerful products requires building brilliant teams.

That means adopting new ways of working, establishing a culture of innovation, and making sure the board are bought in to the process at every stage of the journey.

Byte breakfast is a morning of talks and panel discussion. This time, we’re looking at what it takes to develop a product mindset and embed this across the business. This event will be especially relevant for product leaders who:

  • Are considering a move to agile ways of working, or who are still trying to embed this way of working
  • Are new to managing product teams, or want to get more out of an existing team
  • Want to get broader buy in for innovation and new product development
    Feel like they don’t have the influence they would like to at a senior level in the business


// Introduction

// Richard Marshall, Chief Technology Officer at Wealth Wizards

I’m sure we’ve all read about what makes a brilliant product team and what that means for the products an organisation produces. I’m yet to find that perfect combination of creativity, empowerment, engagement, insight and above all-else “flow” but I’m happy to share what I’ve seen work, fail, where we plan on heading next and what I think the right path for us looks like. I’m sure it will be different for you but perhaps I can at least help you avoid some of the false moves and help get there sooner.

// Maria Ladusane, Director of Product Management at Trustpilot

Autonomous teams are at the core of agile. Many tech companies structure their product teams as independent squads of product manager, UX/UI designer, data scientist and front and backend engineers. While autonomous agile teams promise to increase employee motivation and job satisfaction significantly, as well as boost creativity and productivity, they can face a challenge of becoming isolated and out of sync with company goals. Using real life examples we will explore what causes isolation and how teams can be re-aligned again. We will also look at how product leaders can reasonably apply organisational control to help teams perform without reducing autonomy.

// Angus Edwardson, VP Product at Gather Content

Why are we so obsessed with ‘process’? And why are we never satisfied with the products that come out at the end? Looking at the cultist obsession with agile product development, and frameworks like OKRs or Jobs to Be Done, perhaps if we strip away some of this mystical jargon we can come up with a few simple principles of product development that really work to create things… that we don’t hate.

// Panel Q&A: Product teams in action

Featuring our speakers and Leon Barrett, Product Director at 383

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