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Byte Breakfast

Demystifying DesignOps

We chat to design & product leaders at Themis & TrueLayer about the challenges and opportunities of implementing a DesignOps practice.

Med Badr Chemmaoui, Unsplash

Scaling product design teams is challenging. It’s not just about people; it’s also about the structures, processes and frameworks that support your people.

DesignOps aims to address those challenges by applying the same design thinking we use to create powerful products to the practice of design itself. In this online panel event, we’ll be chatting with design and product leaders about the theory vs. the reality of DesignOps, how they are implementing this practice in their organisations, and any lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Whether you already have an established DesignOps practice, are just getting started, or want to understand if it’s right for your team, join us from 10am on Thursday 1 December to talk about the challenges and opportunities it presents.

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Meet the panellists

Victoria Olanipekun, UI Developer, Themis

Victoria Olanipekun is a UI Developer at Themis, an award winning platform helps clients identify and manage their specific financial crime risks. Her background is in product design (UI/UX), and her experience in the tech industry spans from product conceptualisation to product launch and post-launch. She is a diversity, equity and inclusion advocate, and part of the pioneering team of a female's initiative within her current organisation. When she is not coding or designing, Victoria can be found helping other people easily get into tech through educational and informative videos on YouTube @TheCodeChamp.

Patrizia Bertini , Head of Experience Design Operations, TrueLayer

Patrizia Bertini is the Head of Experience Design Operations at TrueLayer where she is responsible for both research and design operations. She has developed her approach to design and designops through 20+ years of international experience in usability, accessibility, web design, design management and user research. With a background in academic and industrial research leading international teams, Patrizia has been known for her pioneering work in web accessibility, design facilitation with LEGO Serious Play, and co-creation.

Saskia Liebenberg, ResearchOps Lead, Monzo

Saskia Liebenberg heads up ResearchOps at Monzo bank, where she supports not only a first-class research team but also all of product and tech to do effective research at scale. Her past experience includes roles in DesignOps and ResearchOps roles at Anaplan and Deliveroo, and she is an active member of the global ResearchOps community.

Karl Randay, Head of Design, 383 Project

Karl Randay is a specialist in Human Centred Design and creative strategy, with over 20 years of experience in interaction design, design psychology, creative direction and typography. As Head of Design at 383, he leads the team in creating engaging, user-centred experiences through strategic planning & creative thinking across a broad range of different areas from service and product design to digital applications, print & physical installations.

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