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Increasing sales conversion, revenue, and customer confidence

How we increased Worcester Bosch’s conversion rate by removing customer pain points and improving customer experience.

As the UK market leader in domestic boilers, Worcester Bosch’s commitment to holding the highest standards in manufacturing has earned them a Royal Warrant from His Majesty, King Charles. 

But, when it comes to online sales, they weren’t seeing the same standards. When the team at Worcester Bosch noticed a high drop off rate in online boiler purchases, they came to 383 to make improvements in their FastTrack landing page.

This project helped increase conversion rates by 98%, increase completed orders, and unlock £600,000 of revenue for Worcester Bosch. 

Here’s how we managed it. 


  • A seamless and personalised experience for customers. 
  • An online platform that provides an end-to-end immersive experience that guides customers through each step of purchasing, installing, and servicing.
  • Easily adaptable and customisable for Worcester Bosch to continuously improve customer experience.
  • Peace of mind and confidence for customers that they have chosen the right product, service, and support for their unique home heating needs. 
  • Significant uplift in conversion rates and revenue. 

Outcomes at a glance

The brief

383’s primary focus on this project was to redesign the FastTrack landing page, with the objective of reducing bounce rate by making sure users could navigate through the journey in a more efficient way, with the necessary information needed to convert them

Through the platform, customers should be able to receive boiler recommendations and costs by answering a few simple questions about their home environment, current boiler, and preferences for a new boiler.

But with a conversion rate on the landing page of 4%, the platform wasn’t delivering the results Worcester Bosch were hoping for. We wanted to dive into why so few customers were completing the purchase journey. 

Our approach

Research & discovery

As part of our discovery phase, we undertook a number of tasks like customer interviews, user testing, and workshops with the Bosch team.

These tasks helped us understand customer drop off points - with 52% of customers leaving the purchase process at the photo upload page, and a further 44% exiting at product selection page. 

When we looked further into the pain points for customers, we found there were a number of issues that were stopping them at these stages. 

Lack of boiler knowledge, lack of confidence in selecting the right product, a long process that asked for information too specific for the customer to provide, and confusing costs, payments, and packages information came up frequently. 


From this initial discovery phase, we were able to suggest a number of recommended changes.

  • For customers - Produce a revised, simplified, step-by-step platform to support customers in completing their purchase journey. 
  • The platform - Provide an experience that guides customers through each step of purchasing, installing, and servicing a boiler for a quick, easy, and stress-free process. 
  • Intended impact -Refresh the platform to provide customers with the peace of mind that they have chosen the right product, the right service, and the right support for their unique requirements and homes.
Prototyping & validation 

Through a number of wireframes and high-fidelity designs, we were able to test and iterate pages using user testing and continuous discovery. 

From the common pain points identified at each iteration, we were able to make changes provided by potential customers in an innovative and creative way whilst also helping to streamline processes for the Worcester Bosch team.

The platform

We were able to develop and implement a web platform that guided customers through each step of the process, to ensure they received the right boiler recommendations for their needs.

For customers, our User Question Flow allowed them to tell Worcester Bosch more about their requirements - e.g. their boiler has broken and they require a new one, they need a more efficient boiler, or would like a new boiler to be in a different place in their house.

The platform provided easy to understand information about each boiler, the prices, payment options, and the items included in the installation package, enabled customers to take and upload photos from any device instantly, without having to restart the journey, alongside easy to understand examples of how photos should be taken. 

These features meant that the process can be completed without the Worcester Bosch team having to intervene and prolonging the process.

And for Worcester Bosch, the questions the customer answered in the flow helped them to identify a suitable installer in the customer’s local area, who would take the information and either provide a quotation to carry out the work, or arrange a home visit to obtain more accurate details on the job required.

I am happy we are working as a group, understanding each other and communicating well, and I like the fact we work as a project team, rather than supplier and client, and we are sharing goals and achievements.

Tom Millen, Performance Marketing Manager, Worcester Bosch 


The resulting platform was a huge success for Worcester Bosch, reducing and simplifying the journey for customers, leading to less drop off at key points in the purchase process.

  • The easy-to-understand examples provided on the image upload page reduced time to understand by almost 65%, from eight minutes, to just three minutes. 
  • The clear and concise information about the boilers reduced dwell time on the product selection page from 12 minutes to just four minutes - helping  customers make decisions faster - reducing the original 44% drop off level.

Want to see the platform in action? Take a look at Worcester Bosch’s new boiler tool to see how simple we’ve made it for customers. 

Like the sound of this? 

We’ve helped Worcester Bosch re-establish themselves as the market leader through product development. Want to chat about how we can help you unlock business growth and boost your conversion rate like we have for them? 

Book your two week growth sprint here. 

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